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« Barcelona Shopping Night » is the commercial and fashion event that is becoming more and more popular every year in Barcelona.

It attracts shopping enthusiasts, fashion and bloggers from around the world. The 2015 edition attracted 85,000 people! On December 1st 2016, from 8 pm, all cars will be moved from the Passeig de Gracia to create a gigantic pedestrian street illuminated by innumerable Christmas decorations.

This year, « Shopping Night Barcelona » will be in the theme of « Alice in Wonderland ». The decoration of the streets and shops will plunge us into the magical world of the book by Lewis Carrol which celebrates its 150 years anniversary.

The shops of Paseo de Gràcia will be open until one at night and will offer many discounts. In the neighborhood there will be parades, concerts, make-up booths, hairdressers and many other activities! It´s the perfect way to start your Christmas shopping!

The biggest new attraction of this 2016 edition will be the Luxury Experience. The luxury boutiques will invite their guests to spend an exceptional night of shopping with the organization of exclusive festivals and events.

Program on the official website by clicking here!

picture by Vice

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