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Today, we are happy to present you and write about Jyoti, an Indian women living in Barcelona. The blog she created, “Belle Barcelone”, talks about her vision of Barcelona, her daily life in the city and give readers some tips about the best vegan restaurants or events to go! Jyoti gives readers her citizen point of view, never forgetting her philosophy of life.

BORN Magazine use to meet with Jyoti a lot during the charity events she organizes in collaboration with Karuna Social.

Karuna Social Programme aims to promote adult education, mainly for women. Then, these families from the poorest countries in the Third Wolrd sense can work, generating their own income and use it for their children education and health care.

The events organized by Belle Barcelone and Karuna Social bring together various Indian brands and always take place in different places of Barcelona, like the AC Victoria Suites Hotel or the Farga Café. The benefits are donate to Karuna Social

Pictures: "Ethnic Garage Sale" and "La journée Bollywood" (charity events)

Credits: Carole Vergnes

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