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Last Thursday, October 20th, we celebrated the launching of the BORN MAGAZINE #5, « Diversity - Beyond the traditional family ».

It’s in the center of Barcelona where Mark, responsable of the « Studio Manhattan », welcomed our team and permitted us to prepare and share a perfect moment.

Bloggers, fashion stylists, friends, collaborators were here to discover this new BORN Magazine’s edition and enjoyed a lovely afterwork in an casual chic atmosphere accompanied by the Dj Oli Ver's music!

After the editorial director’s speech, E.V.E and her team shared their work, passion and love for this new Autumn edition.

Thank you so much to our partners Moritz, Sangria Lolea, Shourouk, Pinko, Swarovski, Baq Agency, Numen,Linda and to our photographer from Momo Mag.

The BORN Team want to thank you all,once more, lectors, friends, partners, for sharing this beautiful experience!

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© Momo Mag

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