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Last Monday, 17th October, the BORN Magazine's team organized an exclusive event, "Café-Croissants", to present their latest autumn issue of this magazine for modern Fashion and Lifestyle parents.

An exclusive event for bloggers and fashion influencers, who were welcomed at the prestigious hairdressing salon L'adresse, located at Córsega, 204, 08036 Barcelona

For the occasion, BORN collaborated with brands such as Miriam Quevedo, Alameda, Dr.Bronner's, Kure Bazaar, Adélie and Stop the water.

In addition to publicizing the new number of BORN Magazine, which is inspired by the "diversity", was the opportunity to meet this community of bloggers and new brands. Each guest took home a gift bag with products of Born Magazine collaborators ...

The photos of the event were made by the photographer Agus Albion, and you're more than welcome to share them.

If you want to buy the latest issue of BORN Magazine, click here.

© Agus Albion

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