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BORN Magazine met Paola Ceballos at Pudding Family where she also answered our questions.

When did you create Pudding? and why?

Pudding Family has been created February 25th 2012. The owner, Camela worked 10 years in the Unesco in development project for childrens. She decided to come in Spain, she looked for doing something new, and was focus a little to do all about “the family”. So she choosed to do it in this way..

Which are the services?

The main services are the workshops, children parties and party for adult! We have a cultural space for childrens for them to come to do their homework, play etc.. The “plus” is the cafeteria, because it’s what the whole project Pudding family is all about. All the products are natural, homemade, always thinking about the well-being of families. Since you are consuming, the space is open for using books, games, which are they educational because our interests is the development of creativity. We also offer additional services, as we animated. We are little bit unconventional because we have an animation group, who has variants like magic, sciences, animation with enigma, decorative make up, etc. Also we propose activities, parties, in English not only for tourists but also to teach the language to children.

What is the general philosophy?

Pudding Family’s general philosophy is "to work for the common well-being of the community ». The idea of ​​Pudding Family is to be “always near schools" because there are many families.

What does represent the philosophy of "Eat, play, think"?

It's like Pudding Family’s slogan, it’s a combination of all the services we offer. “Eat” means you're eating healthy that helps you to feel good, because all the food is homemade. "Play" means you can be in this same place playing but also eating what we have. And the "think" means you have an open cultural space where you can come and do your work, where you work, etc. It's like a process, a tracing!

The family represents much in the spirit of the place is more or tourist?

Normally Pudding Family is focused on families, during the school years, When it comes to the holiday period we falso ocus on tourists families. But it is not because we focus us but the good that has worked Family Pudding is that people come, he was surprised and then goes space as a word of mouth. Thus, there are many people who come because a friend has been on vacation and has uploaded the information on your blog then people come to know.

A new We Pudding has opened recently, you can tell me about this new place?

On April 20th 2016 we have made the opening of Diagonal Pudding. The I exist has had Pudding Family in recent years has created the need to open another space, still following the philosophy. The space is different because we have made a study and people wanted much space like "Harry Potter", a medieval castle, a library of an English classroom.

Tell me about the Child Care, how it works? paid out? free? to which children (age.. )

The Child Care is free! Parents can leave children in the space in which they can collaborate. It represents a space in which children come to mean to develop, create and do things with a different taste.

Thank you so much to Paola Ceballos, in charge of the Public Relations, for her time and thank you to all te Pudding Family’s team for the welcome.

©Carole Vergnes

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